Prescription Benefits

The easiest way to get, and save money on prescription drugs.

Order prescriptions for at home delivery, pre-pay for great discounts, or present your Rx Valet card to your pharmacy for up to 85% off select medications. 

Discount Card
Pay only a fraction of the cost of those retail prices. Search for your medication and choose how far you want to go for your savings.

Pre-Pay Home Delivery
Avoid the pharmacy lines and other sick patients with this valuable benefit! In many cases, a 90-day supply through Home Delivery can be less than a 30-day supply at a local pharmacy.

Income-based Prescription Assistance Program 
There are a variety of Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) available out there. Rx Valet’s PAP is one of the most comprehensive platforms available in the US. If your medication qualifies, you can request assistance and an Rx Valet Care Specialist will contact you within 48 hours for next steps.